Ebbs and Flows, Rocks and Metal

We’ve mentioned this before, but it seems that the building site has its own rhythm.  Some weeks hum right along.   Others — like the last couple — can’t seem to get out of their own way.

This week is definitely the former.  Though a combination of sub-contractor availability, good timing and difficult conversations, Dash Landing bears a striking resemblance to Grand Central Station.  We’ve got landscapers, finish carpenters, garage door installers, cabinet builders, masons, contractors, nephews, and an occasional electrician.

Lots of progress across a number of areas, but it’s the masons that are really knocking out the awesome.  Sam and Dennis are finishing up our patio and the assorted steps.  We mentioned the latter briefly, but they pulled these out of a local quarry in a “cash only” deal — a true Maine tradition.

As an added bonus, they’re also setting our incredible new fire pit.  This was made by the husband of one of our co-workers and is just about perfect.  It’ll sit about a foot deep on a base of fire bricks.  The big flange will then sit right on top of the bluestone.  Truly a work of art and a great addition to our project.


Dennis and Sam setting the 2nd set of steps. Each one of these is 8′ feet long.


Sam, 2,000 lb of granite, a backhoe and a really expensive porch. What can go wrong?


Steps leading to the porch


New firepit. The back is 4 feet long and the front is about 2 1/2 ft across

3 Comments on “Ebbs and Flows, Rocks and Metal

  1. That’s too kind, but thanks. We’ve been looking forward to this part of the project for a while and it’s living up to those expectations. A great mason and a lot of luck, especially on the stones and the fire pit.

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