This is not a bell curve.

We went into this project imagining a process that looked like a bell curve.  A few leisurely decisions at the beginning, gradually building towards the middle and a slow, steady glide path leading up to the move-in date.


As the chart below clearly indicates, the number of decisions and details leading up to our move-in date seem to be multiplying exponentially :

Dash Landing Decision Matrix

The good news is that lots of things are happening on site.  It’s only Tuesday and we’ve already seen :

1) The start of the kitchen :


Greg Soper starting the installation of the kitchen base units


These are destined for the pantry.

2.  Driveway completion :


The driveway after some regrading and “top coat.” The rip rap on the left is a new addition. There was a LOT of water coming down this site of the driveway in the recent store and this steers it in the right direction.

3.  The beginning of master bath tiling.  Larry from Distinctive Tile rightfully made the decision to reject the first batch of tiles from the manufacturer and those are arriving in two shipments this week :


Bathroom floor partially completed.

Lots more scheduled for the end of the week, but as you all know, we no longer talk about those types of things in advance.

And that goes double for some recent activity on Flying Point Road.

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