We must get one of these lights.

Sure, all the fancy lights for Dash Landing are starting to show up on site, but this is the one that has our full attention.

It belongs to Tom the Finish Carpenter Larry the Tiler.  We’re not sure where he got it, but we must have one.  It is the “weeble” of lights :


3 Comments on “We must get one of these lights.

  1. Hi! We are building a house inspired by yours!! Could you tell me what color your roof is? And maybe the company so I can compare colors to the ones our roofers have. We are in Georgia.

    Thanks so much!

    • Congrats!!!! Somewhere in our files we have the actual roofing material manufacturer, but I’ll have to dig to find it. And the color is a simple silver.

    • Mandy,

      Did you end up building your house inspired by this one? I am in the process of doing the same. Working on floor plans now.

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