Ketchup post.

We’re at that phase where day-to-day progress seems  slooooow coming out of the bottle*, but lots has happened by the end of the week.

In no particular order :

1.  The exterior is nearly complete.  Patio is done, walkway is finished and the final grading is in place.  We’re not planning on much of a “lawn” on Dash Landing, but we’re planting meadow grass to hold things down until the field grows in.



2.  Most of the tiling is done.  Bit of a hold-up in the master bath.  Larry the tiler rightfully decided to reject the first batch of floor tiles and getting the right location for the drain took some time.


Second floor bath

3.  Woodwork and molding are chugging along.  Most of the window trim is done, ditto with the baseboards and stairs.  A couple of rooms have a funky crown molding that Rob spec’d in the plans and that’s about 50% complete.  (A simple piece of 1×4 overlaid with a very common piece of stock lumberyard molding.  Looks great.)   Ditto with the assorted nickel-gap walls.


Inside the pantry


Downstairs bath. Horizontal nickel gap on one of the walls. The crown molding at the top will be painted white. This is the wall where we’ll upcycle the “Utah cabinet” into a vanity.

4.  Exterior painting is all but “done.”  And Brendan’s crew is making progress on the inside.  The plan is to get one coat of “color” on everything and then do a final coat after the floors are complete.


Accent wall in one of the 2nd floor bedrooms

5.  And last, but certainly not least, our friend the blue dumpster was hauled off.   We won’t miss it.


Dumpsterless. (Yes, it’s a word.)

Anticipation indeed.

* And for those of you wondering “huh?” —

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