“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams

Before many of you were born, we kinda sorta made a promise to pause between Dash Landing’s building “phases” and bring everyone up to speed.  With interior carpentry starting tomorrow, this would be that post.

  • wpid2073-DSF1961.jpgAs of tonight, the entire interior has been primed and the ceilings painted.  Window trim and finish carpentry will start on Tuesday.
  • Cabinets have been split between two local builders.  Greg Soper is going to do the kitchen and pantry.  Ben Susla is doing the living room/television area, mud room, office and 2nd floor bookcases.
  • The garage doors are being painted and will be installed on Tuesday-ish.  Ditto with the loft doors and garage windows.
  • Sam is probably 80% done on the stone wall and will definitely finish up this week.  He’ll then start the bluestone patio and walk.  We’ve decided to add a small fire pit on one end of the patio.  Given someone’s penchant for large fires, we’re quite certain that this will end badly.  (Our kids were raised with the instructions that “If Mommy starts a bonfire today, call my office and tell them that it’s an ‘E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y.“)
  • Eight Feet High and RisingJohn has been wandering around old quarries and come up with some awesome steps that will go across the front of the house and the bridge.  Our plan tells us not once, not twice, but three times that — quote — “foundation” granite step curbing is not acceptable.”  Because we’re apparently a little slow on the uptake….
  • The front door is being painted red.  We hope you’re all satisfied.
  • Speaking of painters, we’re trying to move up the exterior landscaping in terms of getting the topsoil, grass, etc. in place.  We’ve come to understand that there’s a fairly steady breeze that runs across the field and whenever they start painting, they find themselves doing battle against sand.  Which makes them absolutely crazy.

But the most frequent question we’re hearing is – understandably — “When are you moving in?”  One piece of paper says “October.”  Another says “November.”  Still another definitively states “December.”

So there you go….

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