“I think we’re getting into a weird area here.” – Bill Murray

Chart copy

We understood the 800% growth between March and May.  The kids finally obliged us and logged on to the site.  Our relatives visited.  People from the office.  The “nice” parents in Sweden.  In-laws.  All the usual suspects…

But when we checked the WordPress statistics during a rainy Maine Monday (Boredom takes on all forms…), we were a little surprised to see that our August visitors grew another 20% over July.  Which had grown 18% over June.  Which was another 15% over May.

It’s amazing.  Never in a million years, would we have expected this amount of traffic to the site.  We’re humbled and honored.  It’s probably also safe to assume that wordpress.com has technical issues and we’ve notified the proper authorities.

In the meantime, we’ll follow the advice of our blogging spiritual guides — Snack Girl and Divine Glowing Health — and simply welcome all forty-nine of you to ahouseinafield.com.

We hope you enjoy your time with us.  Feel free to ask questions.  Wander through the archives.  Check out the links to some of our biggest contributors to the project — they’re amazing talents.  Share the site with your friends.

And know that we’re going to shut this thing down like a bad party after the October November December move in date.







One Comment on ““I think we’re getting into a weird area here.” – Bill Murray

  1. You will see people love a good drama – and building or renovating a home is just that. I’ll be watching too,

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