And it’ll never be this clean again…

Today was “Cleaning Day” for John and the crew.

There were a few trades finishing up, but most of the day was spent making Dash Landing sparkle from top to bottom.  Cleaning windows, dusting every spot imaginable, peeling protective stickers, touching up a few places — from well before 8:00 until after 4:00.  And it’ll continue tomorrow leading up to our “punch list inspection” with Rob later in the day.

The insanity only accelerates from there.  Movers on Monday at 8:00.

Given how incredible the place looks, it’ll be a shame to fill it with our ratty possessions.


Definitely the highlight of the day. These barn doors really give the kitchen a “pop.”


Another shot of the Utah table. Part of today’s work included the mirror.


Wall sconce on the stairway.


Hallway looking towards the master bedroom. One of Rob’s design features was the bookcase at the end of the hallway — really believes that a hallway should never end with a blank wall. Krista thought we should paint it “Mt. Edna” — a dark striking blue.


Bathroom vanities.


2nd floor bath.  We made the mirror a long time ago.  It’s a little narrow for the location, but we’re sticking with it.


2nd floor landing. We’ll throw a chair up there.

3 Comments on “And it’ll never be this clean again…

  1. It looks fantastic. How exciting to be moving in! Your uniques touches, the green barn doors and your Utah table, give your home so much character. I also love the blue tiles in your second floor bath. I can relate to your title too!
    Happy moving!

  2. Beautiful home. I love the doors in the kitchen and the blue glass subway tile as well. Sigh. So many ideas so little time (and money). Awesome job! Enjoy.

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