“I’m not even going to bother to write a report…”


John and Aman starting the cleanup.

After eight months of design work and eight months of construction, today’s final “punch list” inspection ended up redefining “uneventful.”

We invited Rob up to Freeport to do the inspection with us.  Not only is he far more experienced at this kind of thing, but it was also nice to have him participate in one of the last “official” acts of the construction process.

Things started with a walk around the perimeter.  Checking for compliance to plans, irregularities, etc.  Moved to the garage/barn thingy.  Started in the loft and moved to the first floor.

From there, it was on to the second floor of the house.  Go through each bedroom.  Check every light.  Check every door opening.  Check the utility room / HRV.  Move to the storage area.  Check for the extra conduit.  Move to the first floor.  Same process.  Check the kitchen.  Cooktop.  Fridge.  The cabinets.  Move to the basement.  Same process.  Check the valve labeling.  Check the electrical box labeling.

At the end of 1 1/2 hours — we came up with a mighty small list of things to address in the next week or so.  Even to the point where Rob decided that it wasn’t really wasn’t worth his time to write up another list.

And that’s the direct result of John’s incredible attention to detail.  Like all big projects where you’re seemingly spending your life saving, we’ve had a few ups & downs at Dash Landing, but even the most cynical critic would be satisfied with how John & Aman have wrapped things up.  We’re guessing that a few sub-contractors might feel otherwise after being to do their work multiple times, but the house looks gorgeous thanks to John’s great work.

Here’s some of our “punch list” :


  • HRV has a bit of negative pitch on a pipe and there’s some condensation dripping out.
  • Two thermostats need to be swapped out to be wifi units.


  • A nail popped through a riser on the stairs.  (We’ve all made just over one million trips up the stairs in the last month and no one noticed until last night.)
  • Small crack in the bulkhead floor pad.  (Exactly where everyone predicted….)
  • A bit of paint needs to be redone in a 2nd floor bedroom.
  • Some plywood on the basement airlock needs to be trimmed.
  • Bathroom vanity needs a closure.  (Built by an owner who has a hard time with deadlines.)
  • Fireplace doors (Waiting for delivery.)
  • A bit of drywall around a light switch.
  • A couple of doorstops.
  • Shower door in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.  (Coming tomorrow)


  • One of our garage door openers was missing a light cover.


  • Pantry light.  (Waiting for delivery)
  • Dining room lights.  (Everything is ready.  Once the table is put in place, we’ll use a laser to get the locations right)
  • Generator test (Already scheduled for tomorrow.)
  • Two internet terminations need to be finished in the garage.
  • Two bad terminations in house.  (Owner doesn’t know how to use punchdown tool correctly.)
  • Switch plate in bulkhead airlock.
  • Replace (yet another) defective light from Restoration Hardware.


  • Rob the Tiler missed a smidge of finishing grout in the 2nd floor bath.


  • Gas dryer needs an lp gas conversion fitting that apparently Home Depot doesn’t believe in carrying or mentioning that you need.
  • Speakers.  (Tomorrow.)

Might be missing a couple of items, but you get the idea.  The packing death march continues.  The movers wait for no one.


4 Comments on ““I’m not even going to bother to write a report…”

  1. Just finished reading all the posts. Should be sound asleep, but the humor, energy, great design & pictures kept me going….great work…happy for you all.

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