Snow leads to fire.

Another snowy night here in Maine.   We celebrated with a walk around the neighborhood and the first fire on Dash Landing.





6 Comments on “Snow leads to fire.

  1. Beautiful home. Looks like you guys are all settled in (a lot sooner than we ever were, we still aren’t). I love the photo of the house with just the light glowing from the breezeway. Love modern farmhouses, especially in snow – so many opportunities for great photographs; endless possibilities. Makes getting anything done nearly impossible, but make for a rewarding life and home experience for sure.

    • You’re being way too kind, but thanks. And totally agree with your comment regarding modern farmhouses and snow. These are truly just grab shots with an x100s — someone with some talent could have a field day here.

      • I feel the same way. I try my best but really needs a professional. I took a class and might trade the teacher for more lessons in exchange of photo access to our land (meadows, wetlands and woods). I also fantasized about inviting photographers to use the place as a base camp of some sort – and make a couple bucks to offset our bills

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