A House In A Field


“It appears that rural electrification is going on, steadily and as rapidly as the market can take it.” Lewiston Evening Journal, December 9, 1935

On August 19th of last year — while we were still trying to decide if we were going to buy the property — a contractor stood on the site and casually mentioned “Have you thought about electricity?” Which we hadn’t….

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A Ditch Filled With Optimism, Rainbows and Unicorn Smiles.

You probably can’t tell from where you’re sitting, but this ditch is overflowing with optimism, rainbows and unicorn smiles. Nine months — almost to the day — since our first call to Central Maine Power, we’re seemingly no closer to…

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We have never lived in the former Soviet Union…

We have never lived in the former Soviet Union. But Debbie likes thrillers from that time period and Steve had to read Nabakov at Bates, so we believe we’re¬†eminently¬†qualified to make the following statement : The individuals running Central Maine…

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