Cancer, tenacity and a big change…

breast-cancer-ribbonA few of you have noticed that the “For Sale” sign has come down at Flying Point Road.

No, it hasn’t sold yet.  We’re doing a bit of repainting and the house will go back on the market towards the end of the week.  Rita Armstrong will replace Dayle as the listing agent.

And that deserves an explanation.

Dayle has been with us since the beginning of this whole adventure.  We can’t remember how she became our real estate agent, but we couldn’t imagine anyone better suited for the challenge.

That starts with being patient.  In our four years of trying to figure out “what’s next,” we must have walked through hundreds, maybe thousands of houses.  And like kids on a long college tour, it was often a process far less “rationale.”  We’d pull up in the driveway of a beautiful house and say “no” without ever walking inside.  Sometimes we’d “pass” without even slowing the car down.  Dayle never complained.

It also demands tenacity.  When Dash Landing’s initial appraisal came in on the “huh?” side, she  immediately jumped in with a renegotiation that covered the cost of a frickin’ expensive driveway.

We got another glimpse of this determination when we were sitting down to put Flying Point Road back on the market.  Dayle started the conversation with “I just got back from the doctor’s office and I have breast cancer.  Let’s get started on your open house.”

And since June, that’s exactly what we’ve done.  Dayle has balanced her treatment and Flying Point Road without ever missing a beat.  Open houses, showings, countless emails — you name it.  And while we’d like to think that Flying Point Road was a “diversion,” there’s no doubt that the real reason was more about grit than selling another piece of property.

But on Friday of last week, Dayle called  and said “I think I need to give you up for a while.”  Apparently even tenacity needs to focus occasionally  and we can’t imagine anyone better suited for the challenge.  (It’ll be easier than being our broker…)

Rita is going to do a great job helping us sell Flying Point Road.  We’ve known her forever and she shares our passion for this wonderful place called Freeport.  But she also understands that Dayle is still our partner in all things real estate.

P.S.  – Dayle gave us permission to talk about her new project with one caveat — that we encourage everyone to go get a mammogram.  Go get one…


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