Now we’re talking…

Our days of foamer math (here or here) are officially behind us.

We had not one, not two, but THREE full foaming crews on Dash Landing today to make everything right.  Our insulation is now exactly as specified in the plan — or better — and we’re good to go on tomorrow’s blower door test.

And we owe our foamers a bit of an apology.  It would appear that our contractor signed off on the lower spray volumes (3″ vs. 4″ and 6 3/4 vs. 8″).  Which is a whole different kind of awesome.


Remember the knot you used to be able to see on this sill? It’s now buried under a BUNCH of closed-cell spray foam.


A kitchen wall. We should be able to see — at most — 1 1/2″ of stud. We’re well under that…


Left side is exterior wall. The right side is soundproofing for the bedroom/study.


More sill foaming goodness.

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