Math is your heating friend.

_SMF0553-EditAfter “who designed your house?” and “who picked the colors?” the third question that we’re invariably asked about Dash Landing runs along these lines — “How’s the heat bill?

After receiving today’s Central Maine Power bill (Greeting Comrades!), the answer is “pretty good.”  We think…

The geothermal expense comes through our electrical bill.  This makes it pretty tough to separate from normal lighting, power consumption, etc., but we’re starting to see enough of a pattern to get a sense of performance.  Here are the bills for the first three months of occupancy — and again, this is all heating, hot water and normal use :

February : $302

January : $291

December $331

The engineering estimates for heat varied from about $750 to $850 a year.  Consider that our electrical bills on Flying Point Road were $175 to $200 a month with oil heat.   A little back of the envelope ciphering and it looks like the estimates were right on — maybe even a little high, especially considering that this has been an especially cold winter in Maine.  (1400 degree days vs. a more typical 1200)

We shared the news with the group today.  And the best quote came back from our geothermal person, Dave Leonard :
I have seen this performance in any of the current ” best practice” builds.  Modeling and following the directions, surprisingly, works…kudos to the team.
Math is a magical thing.

3 Comments on “Math is your heating friend.

  1. I struggle with how to figure out if our utility costs are good or not also, now that everything basically runs off electricity. Seems like you’re doing good.

    • Ditto. I should have mentioned that — at least here in Maine — May and September are used as low heating “benchmark” months. We’ll know a lot more then…

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