Remind me again – who did that?

wpid3052-SMF7620.jpgIt seems like most of our discussions about Dash Landing start with a version of this question.  “Who did the tile?”  “Who designed the house?”  “Who picked out that fabulous green?

The answers to those questions and many more are below.  We’ve said this many times — we were lucky to work with a great group of trades on this project and if their name is below, we’d be comfortable recommending them.

For a couple of these folks, we’ve linked back to posts about them or their work.  You’ll also see a few links on the right hand nav.

We’ll also follow-up with a list of materials, paint colors, etc.  Because that’s the second question we’re asked…


Architect: Rob Whitten with help from Will Fellis.  Here are a few posts relating to the design process.

General Contractor: John Rousseau.  John could be in nearly every post, but this is our favorite.

Decorator/Color Strategist/Spiritual Guide: Krista Stokes.  A few design related posts.


Framing: KC Construction out of Lewiston.  Kyle, Pete, Nick, Eddie & Mikey.

Site Work: Blackstone Excavating.  Russell and Matt should be your first and last request.  Be prepared to use the word “meticulous.”

Roofers: CO Beck from Waterville.  You’ll want Lars to do your project.  Not a lot of chatter, but you’ll get an amazing final product.  Also the inspiration for the “Easy Bake Oven” post.

Tiling: Distinctive Tile.  Ask for Larry.  And then ask for Rob.

Kitchen & Pantry Cabinets: Greg Soper of North Yarmouth Woodworking.  Those beautiful pantry doors that everyone raves about?  Greg built those.  Ditto with the amazing kitchen.

Office & Bathroom Cabinets: Ben Susla

Counters: Linda at Dennis J. King Masonry.  This post explains how we met these great people from far away.

Plumbing: Jon A. Harmer from New Gloucester with able help from Levi.

Electrical: Josh Underhill of Electrical Connections.  Josh deserves extra credit for not rolling his eyes at the person who asked for 24 CAT6 internet drops around the house.

Masonry: Sam Miller.  Sam and his two assistants built the fireplace and the awesome, awesome patio.

Finish Carpentry:  Tom Harris and Dick.  The more we’re in the house — the more we appreciate their work.  And the word you’ll use when you see it is “tight.”

Flooring: Fat Andy’s.  One of our friends who is also designing a new home took one look at our floors, went back to her architect and said “I need Red Birch flooring.”

Painting: Brendan, Randy & crew from Augustine Interiors.

Shower Doors: Tom Olds at Maine Shower Doors.  A little bit of bad luck on this project, but the final product is amazing.

Geothermal : Dave Leonard of Evergreen Geothermal.  Also wins the award for the first guy to drive off our driveway.

Landscaping: Andersen Landscaping.  Need grass in November?  Call these guys.

We’re sure we’re missing some folks, but this is a heckuva place to start.

6 Comments on “Remind me again – who did that?

    • First and foremost — thanks for the kind comments.

      That board & batten is from Maibec. ( They were pre-painted and the color is “Barnstable Red.” It was a standard color when we ordered it easier this spring, but I think it’s now discontinued. (We can’t believe it either…)

  1. Your house is gorgeous! Love your choices! What type of flooring did you use in your master bath? Is that 12×24 slate? How do you like it? Thanks!

    • As a matter of fact — yes. It’s 12×24 slate. Very few things nicer than the feeling of that slate and the electric mat that we put under the tile. Definitely a decision that we’re happy we made.

  2. Your house is gorgeous! Do you have a list interior and exterior selections available to view? I saw above that you mentioned a follow-up with a list of materials, paint colors etc. and would love to have that list. Once again your home is beautiful and love many of the details! Thanks!

    • Hi Jen – Thanks for the overly kind comment. We never created an official “list.” Some of it came through the blog, a bit more came through a couple of articles in Fine Homebuilding and elsewhere. If there’s something specific you’d like to know, just ask and we’ll try to remember.

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